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06/17/2019 | COMMUNICATION
Saint-Gobain presented the awards for the international final of its 15th Multi Comfort Student Contest, following the competition held in Milan (Itlay), chaired by Pierre-André Chalendar, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Saint-Gobain. More than 2,200 students from 199 universities entered the contest which mainly addresses those reading architecture and engineering.
Last week, World Green Building Council lauched a campaign about Air quality in the Built environment in order to combat the contribution to global air pollution. As part of their Better Places for People Initiative, the aim is to reduce the impacts on human health and our natural environment. Some of the specific goals they are targeting are:
People tend to live in cities where the noise level keeps growing. Reducing unwanted noise has become a major necessity for all to reach to the most comfortable environment. Have you realized sometimes how difficult it is to choose a place when performing any specific activity: reading, resting or even having a nice chat with friends in a restaurant?
03/14/2019 | SUSTAINABLE
There is no denying that the population is more and more urban. This increase of inhabitants in cities is challenging the infrastructures and fastening the urbanization. Designers in cities have an important challenge if looking to create more comfortable and sustainable environments. The heat, the quality of the air in the city, the new sights and skylines and the noise pollution are just some examples of topics impacting drastically and modifying our lifestyle.
The environment plays a crucial role when it comes to well-being, and our mood depends on several external factors. Whether it is at work or in our homes, luminosity, pollution and sounds need to be considered. How to maximize your general comfort and evolve in a healthy environment? Here are some solutions that are easily put in place to boost your well-being.
Tastes and colors are anybody's choice! However, you should know that colors impact your mood and well-being in your daily life. The color of your walls matters and goes beyond the simple environment you wish to create: it influences your mood, well-being and health. Each color creates its own emotional response consciously or subconsciously in ourselves.
Next Tuesday, 29th of January 2019, at 11:00 AM (UTC+1 Paris Time), we will have the Third Online Training for the Multi Comfort Student Contest 2019. Gabriel Golumbeanu, Habitat Director at Saint-Gobain, will explain you how to use the Multi Comfort Designer. This tool is based on a preliminary projection of the performances of the construction and serves as preliminary draft material for your Multi Comfort projects.
Breathing is an essential activity. It's basic that very often we forget that air is coming inside our lungs all the time. Indeed, on a daily basis we inhale and exhale the equivalence of 60 bathtubs, and definitely the quality of the air is rarely questioned. We are sure that a lot of people haven't even thought about the small and almost invisible particles coming through their nose and interacting with the complete human system.
Do you want to experience a great professional experience while discovering the importance of the comfort and wellbeing? Come and join the Multi Comfort Student Contest, a two stage international competition based on the principles of Saint-Gobain's Multi Comfort Program and dedicated to students.