Contest Legal Terms


Participants in the Architecture Student Contest acknowledge that the decision of the jury is final. All participants hereby accept the incontestable and definitive nature of the jury’s decisions.



a) Copyright assignment

The participants hereby transfer irrevocably and definitively to Saint-Gobain (the “Organizer”) and all its subsidiaries, both current and to come, and to local Municipality (where the contest site is located), all intellectual property rights attached to the creations i.e., all plans, photographs, videos, drawings, sketches, PowerPoint documents, etc., referred to hereinafter as “the Work” produced in the framework of the Architecture Student Contest (at every phase of the competition: National and International stages), specifically:

  • The right to use or exploit the Work for commercial and non-commercial purposes, in all their forms, even those non stipulated or foreseeable on the date of the signature of the contract, i.e., all constructions made on the basis of all or part of the plans, videos, drawings, sketches, etc., provided by the participants during the competition.
  • The right to broadcast the Work using any communication process or telecommunications or retransmission method known or unknown at the time this transfer was signed, including internet, social networks, exhibitions, and advertising spaces.
  • The right to reproduce all or part of the Work on any medium known or unknown at the time this transfer was signed.
  • The right to modify, adapt, supplement, or delete all or part of the Work, as well as the right to incorporate any preexisting or future work, provided that it does not harm the Work.

The present transfer is granted for all countries and for the legal term of the protection of author’s rights. The participants make no claim to any remuneration for the present transfer, which is made free-of-charge.

The participants certify to have all the rights in the mentioned Work and release the Organizer and its subsidiaries both current and to come, from any third-party claims relating to the rights in the Work. This guarantee is also applicable where several authors have contributed to the realization of the Work

The present transfer is governed exclusively by French law. In the event of a dispute arising from the application or interpretation of the present transfer and failure to resolve the issue by mutual agreement, the Courts of Paris (France) shall have sole jurisdiction.


b) Image rights

The participants to the National Stage or International Stage competitions, regardless of their position (students, teachers, Saint-Gobain employees or other attendees), hereby grant full and unrestricted authorization to Saint-Gobain (the “Organizer”) and to local Municipality, free of charge, to shoot, reproduce and distribute their image and/or other likeness recorded in digital form during the Architecture Student Contest.

Consequently, and in accordance with the legal provisions relating to image and name rights, the participants authorize the Organizer and all its subsidiaries, both current and to come and local Municipality, to exercise the right to use the photographs, photo shoots, videos and/or interviews representing their image, that have been produced in the context of the Architecture Student Contest, in their entirety or in part (hereinafter the “Images”).

The Images may be used for purposes of advertising, commercial promotion, and communication, internal or external communication, by the Organizer and all its subsidiaries, both current and to come and by local Municipality.

Saint-Gobain expressly agrees not to make any use of the Images which is liable to invade the participant’s privacy or damage their reputation or to use the Images on any medium of a pornographic, racist or xenophobic nature or use them in any other damaging way.



The data controller is Saint-Gobain SA, 12 place de l’Iris, 92400 Courbevoie, France. The information will be processed as part of the participation in the Contest.

In accordance with the Data Protection legislation, all the participants have the right to access and rectify information concerning them on the Architecture Student Contest website and/or contacting the Saint-Gobain Organization Team at

Please indicate your name, physical and/or electronic address, the reference “Architecture Student Contest 2024 – Data modification” and the requested modification or information. You will be notified once the modification takes place . You will be notified once the modification takes place.

You may also, on legitimate grounds, oppose to the processing of data concerning you.



The official program contains all events and locations for all official activity performed by Saint-Gobain related to the Architecture Student Contest 2024, where all health and security norms must be observed and respected. Failure to comply with the Instructions is equivalent to attendee’s direct and personal responsibility on any damage whatsoever, totally excluding any liability of Saint-Gobain or its subsidiaries.

Participants are responsible for obtaining their personal health insurance coverage during the contest period.



The Architecture Student Contest 2024 will take place in Finland. Therefore, the laws of Finland must be observed and respected by all participants. The attendee expressly declares outside of the event’s hours and outside of the event’s locations, Saint-Gobain shall never be held responsible for any action or inaction of his part.