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Saint-Gobain récompense l'architecture à l'International

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The winners of the Saint-Gobain “Multi Comfort” International Student Competition

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Saint-Gobain dévoile les lauréats de la 14e édition du concours "Maison Multi-Confort"

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Tim Arsitektur ITB Juara 1 Multi Comfort Student Contest 2020

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Première position Saint-Gobain Multi-Comfort student contest 2019

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Multi Comfort Student Contest in Saint Gobain: here are the winners

24/12/2020 | Tekdeeps


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It would be complicated not to say that we live on a fast paced environement. Moreover, innovation and quest for optimization is one of the main commercial objective for companies. Living habits also follows this trend. Priorities and standards are changing and several generations get to live under the same roof thanks to medecine progress. For this co-living, health and safety become top concerns when designing a living space. Nowadays,urbanization, pollutions and how to adress comforts become increasing concerns that every Architect should have in mind.
Are you aware that Architect's realisations can positively or negatively affect environmental issues ? Basically, materials and construction / renovation techniques will generate a footprint. You can manage your emissions by being aware and associate the right designs and products according to the each project environment specificities. Such a knowledge will offer comfort to final user and definitely reduce the global energy consumption on the life cycle of the product.
Since buildings consum energy and emit greenhouse gas, they can be counted accountable for climate change. Optimise the creation of such establishment thanks to decarbonization plan can really reduce the impact of their emission. For this architechts can consider targeting the early phase of the construction project, reuse or recycle existing materials.
Pollution is everywhere even at home ! It is well known that cars and other engines are polluting our outdoor environment but do you know its indoor equivalence ? Indoor air pollution can be as dangerous as the outdoor one and cause various damage to our health system. If you want to know more, read the complete article, How to Transform a Polluted Indoor Environment into a Healthy Home
The World Green Building Council launched an online library where the world's most cutting edge sustainable buildings are gathered ! Each case study demonstrates enhanced performance in relation to health benefits or achieve net zero operational carbon, as verified by established certification schemes, rating tools or other third-party verification.
Do you want to experience a great professional experience while discovering the importance of the comfort and well-being? Come and join the Multi Comfort Student Contest, a two stage international competition based on the principles of Saint-Gobain's Multi Comfort Program and dedicated to students.
Insulation is important to improve the well-being of the inhabitants by increasing the thermal comfort in an environement: it helps to keep your house to the desired temperature, protecting your home against the peak in summer and the coldness in winter.
Designers are getting more and more aware of the importance of natural light on the health and well-being, and how to create comfortable environments balancing between natural and artificial light. The visual comfort of a room can be determined by different items such as the rate of blinking or the level of glare. To reach a visual success, colors, low reflection and a clear view on the outside are essentials and must be taken into account in order to influence positively the occupants' general well-being. Which aspects should be considered when designing for visual comfort?