Discover the new eco-designed Isover glass wool and all its benefits

Isover lauched a more sustainable glass wool with higher thermal performances to improve the global comfort indoor
Insulation is important to improve the well-being of the inhabitants by increasing the thermal comfort in an environement: it helps to keep your house to the desired temperature, protecting your home against the peak in summer and the coldness in winter. Isover France launched a new glass wool for the outside insulation (home and apartment). It is eco-designed and have a high performance regarding the thermal and phonic insulation. More than just an improvement for the insulation, this brand new glass wool is more sustainable and 100% made in France! This glass wool is made of a new binder biobased, from raw materials of the sugar and cereal industry. Moreover, Isover France wanted to improve the quality of work of the people working with Isover's products. That's why this new product is softer and is meant to ease the work of the installators. If you want to learn more about this products, you can read more on the Isover France Website.