How your personal environment can affect your mood and mental health?

There is no doubt that leaving in a comfortable environment has a direct impact on our mood. 
The environment plays a crucial role when it comes to well-being, and our mood depends on several external factors. Whether it is at work or in our homes, luminosity, pollution and sounds need to be considered. How to maximize your general comfort and evolve in a healthy environment? Here are some solutions that are easily put in place to boost your well-being.   Consider natural lighting as an ally to vitalize your mood Several studies have outlined the link between being exposed to natural sunlight and the well-being obtained. Considering the fact that we spend on average 18 hours a day in closed spaces, it is crucial to adapt to the best extent our offices or personal living spaces. The goal is to optimize the benefits of luminosity in order to limit the risks of seasonal depression by letting the sunlight in a continous manner thanks to bay windows, extensions or adjacent windows. Productivity, human relations, energy and concentration are then increased. Furthermore, the aesthetics brought by this new luminosity-based layout also benefits our moral health. This corresponds to the merging of Vitamin D and the visual comfort which are key to upkeeping our good mood.   Reducing interior pollution will help improve your well-being and respect the environment Air pollution does not simply exist outside but also indoors in buildings and homes. Indoor pollution tends to be more harmful due to the high levels of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as benzene, toluene and household products. At a time where environmental issues are a real concern, it is important to put into place adapted actions in order to preserve our mental and physical health. In fact, it appears that this pollution affects negatively our cognitive abilities and our mood. As it turns out, the deterioration of air quality increases the risks of anxiety.   Sounds insulation represents a shield against noises that will bring peace of mind Noise pollution acts as a parasite on our brain. Being able to cause headaches, hypertension or irritability, noise can be harmful to our health. In order to solve this problem, sound insulation is crucial for all person searching for a certain degree of tranquility. It is important to note that the intensity of decibels is equal to the difference between the outside noises and the acoustic resistance of the building front. Hence, installing an armored door or an aluminum door with an insulator is an efficient barrier to noise pollution.  Lastly, wall insulation is also useful if living in a city center or where there is a high car traffic or recurring roadwork. Sometimes, a simple anti-noise paint can suffice. And if the noise pollution persists, there are solutions such as optimal effect partitions with composed of glass wool or drywall.   We tend to forget how much impact our everyday environment can have on our mental health. It is important to spend time in spaces where we are comfortable and that have a positive impact on our mood. We can't always control our environment but increasing our exposure to natural light and reducing surrounding noises are a few simple things we can put into place, that immedialtely boost ouselves and improve our well-being.