Why architects should know about acoustics?

Architects should be aware of Acoustic Comfort!
People tend to live in cities where the noise level keeps growing. Reducing unwanted noise has become a major necessity for all to reach to the most comfortable environment. Have you realized sometimes how difficult it is to choose a place when performing any specific activity: reading, resting or even having a nice chat with friends in a restaurant?   The quality of acoustics depends on how sound sources are controlled and it can be assessed, but occupant needs factors, such as culture, types of noises produced and materials available on site, are somehow also playing an important role when designing for acoustic comfort.   Architects are responsible for providing comfort and well-being to inhabitants, so when speaking about acoustics, they need to become also acoustic expert and select the right material that will perform in the right place. Hospitals, school, offices, or music centers require its own acoustic configuration, not also for being useful and comfortable places, but to help us being healthy and productive people.    If you want to know more about the subject, read the complete article on Arch Daily: Basic Principles of Acoustics: Why architects shouldn't leave it all to consultants.