Team n° 42

Marchew NEW District

Project description

The main idea of the design proposal is to create a user friendly environment externally and internally by developing solutions suited primarily for human scale. Design guidelines used in the project were derived from the historical car factory aesthetics and the nearby railroad industrial atmosphere. Special attention is given to public and private outdoor spaces to create a vibrant social environment as well as adaptive reuse of existing volumes such as the old factory and metal hangar.

Riga Technical university


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Students team members

Dāvis Jansons
Rubezis Pāvils


Bondars Edgars

Teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Architecture at Riga Technical University. Professional degree of Architect (2008), Master of Architecture (2009), Doctor of Architecture (2013) on the theme “Design of Spatial Environment in the Context of Bioclimatic Factors”. Research fields: bioclimatic design, energy efficiency strategies in architectural design. Have participated in 12 research projects, author of 23 different publications. Co-founder and member of the board of architectural office RR.ES Ltd. (since 2006), dealing with residential, public, and industrial building design.