Team n° 38

Phoenixovia, a socio-cultural living complex.

Project description

Phoenixovia is the result of numerous reflections based mainly on the optimization of energy use, comfort and the creation of a healthy, harmonious living environment, animated by a diversified set of activities.After having carried out the historical analysis of the city of Warsaw, a city which withstood the test of time. Warsaw rose time and time again of its ashes like a Phoenix, the mythical bird symbolizing resurrection. This acted as our main inspiration for our architectural party.

Ecole nationale d'architecture - Fes

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Architectural plans


Students team members

Boutaina Touffahi
Walid Benachir
Malak Janati


Nada Es-Sellak

Professional background:
- January 2020: In charge of pedagogical affairs at the National School of Architecture of Fez ;
- June 2017: Assistant Professor at the National School of Architecture of Fez ;
- 2013 / 2017: Project Manager at the Agency for the Development and Rehabilitation of the City of Fez
Fez (ADER-Fez);
- 2010 / 2013: Management Unit of the Project Artisanat-Fès Medina. Artisanat-Fès Medina Ministry of
Interior, within the framework of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)
- 2007 / 2010 : Compagnie Générale Immobilière (C.G.I.) CDG Group