Team n° 30

Dwellings in Memory, Building an Adaptive Lisbon

Project description

The project aims to generate a continuation of Lisbon's way of living by the re-interpretation of its spatial condition. The city unfolds through a series of interweaving streets that articulate what we call: Dwellings in Memory. Alongside, the evolving needs of the city and the menace of climate change are anticipated through a modular, decarbonized structure, wrapped by a bioclimatic gallery. Hence, maintaining comfort even in the worst climate change scenarios

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana


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Students team members

Conchita Escobar
Raquel Bernal


Mr Lucas Arango

Lucas Arango. Architect (National University of Colombia 2007) Master in Architecture and Urbanism with emphasis on environmental behavior of urban spaces and buildings (UFSC-Brazil 2011). Doctor in Architecture and Urbanism with emphasis on passive building and energy efficiency (University of Bío-Bío Chile 2021). Currently works as professor in the Architecture degree program at UPB, in the Bioclimatic Master's program at USBMED, in the Bioclimatic Specialization program at UNICESMAG and in the Sustainable Habitat Master's program at JaverianaCali. Also works as bioclimatic consultant at LaB