Team n° 9

Waving to the sea, sailing towards the mountain.

Project description

Our project is making the link between old and new and a way between mountain and sea. Our main idea was the users’ well-being, even during the hot Portugal summer. We wanted our buildings to be comfortable with less cooling technology. They are flexible, can be adapted for everyone and can be reused with a different purpose later. Our materials allow us to have a low carbon construction. Our guideline was a sustainable and better living environment for the comfort of as many people as possible.


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Mr Dominique LEFAIVRE

Dominique LEFAIVRE, 60, is an outstanding professor of civil engineering at the ISA BTP engineering school in Anglet, France. He is an alumnus of ENS Cachan, a chevalier de l'ordre des palmes académiques, and holds a DEA in soil mechanics from the Ecole Centrale de PARIS. From 2018 to 2021, he will lead the CLIMATE KIC "ENERGY EFFICIENCY BUILDING LAB" European project, with the support of 100 private players, the Prefect and the ILE DE FRANCE Region: the EUROPEAN HUB "URBAN & RURAL RENOVATION-Buildings for the 21st century" becomes the European network head of the "1 MILLION ZERO CARBON HOMES" program.