Team n° 11


Project description

Inspired by Lisbon's Pink Street, we are designing a yellow path - a new cultural space on the city map. If you follow it, you’ll walk through a dense Miyawaki forest, go under a high passage and reach the Lisbon Video Library. The facade of the residential building that you pass by provides not only better views for users, but also enables implementation of sustainable solutions into the building, i.e. solar chimneys, natural ventilation. Come with us through nature to culture!



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Students team members

Magdalena Kazulak
Konstancja Staniecka


Ms Anna Bać

Anna Bać and Lea Kazanecka-Olejnik are architects and teachers at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Anna is the owner of Synergia design studio. Passionate about responsible and sustainable design, she promotes and teaches creating sustainable projects which maintain the balance between a society and its environment. Lea promotes implementation of changeability and individualization of space through initiatives addressed to both professionals and local communities. Together they advocate for human and environment centered design based on collaboration.