Team n° 20

Luis Residence, Lisbon, Portugal

Project description

The main idea of the concept was to design minimalist architecture that would connect historical buildings with modern design and function. The new buildings in the area consist of two narrow masses connected by a ground floor. The proposed building follows this construction principle, with the mass visually divided in two-thirds. The section in the mass is formed by embedded facade windows that transition into a skylight. The new building respects the urban structure of the proposed site plan.

Faculty of Architecture and Design STU


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Students team members

Sandra Blaškovičová
Martina Bežová


Mr Michal Bogár
Architect and urbanist, graduated from the FAD STU in Bratislava. He is co-founder of studio BKU (1990) and in 2018 he founded his own studio BOGÁR architects together with Maria Bogárová. His most important works include the Liturgical space for the Holy Mass of Pope Francis, Šaštín (with ER, 2021), the Embassy of the Slovak Republic, Washington, D.C. (BFKLU, 2001), etc. He is the co-author of several books, e.g. Bratislava Metropolis (Dominique Perrault + BKU, 2014). Starting in 2018, he works as a teacher and researcher at STU, where he runs a vertical studio together with Andrej Alexy.