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In the 16th International Edition of the Saint-Gobain Student Contest the task is to design a Sustainable Development Park combining residential, educational and recreational functions.

Technical School of Architecture of Madrid


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Antonio RIOS
Enrique ORTEGA
Javier AGUDO


Javier NEILA

JAVIER NEILA González is an architect since 1976 and PHD researcher since 1984.

He is a professor at the Technical School of Architecture of Madrid since 1979, Director of the Master in "Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture" with 450 interventions or courses, lectures and round tables: About 2000 lectures and 3500 hours of interventions. He takes part of Principal Investigator Research Group, Bioclimatic Architecture in a sustainable environment, with 69 research projects funded in 4 European projects, 133 communications in national and international conferences, 12 patents, 8 recognized presidential administrations and 35 doctoral theses directed.
He published 107 books (37 of them as author of the whole publication) and 98 articles.
He has completed 98 architectural projects: Dwellings, sports buildings, teaching buildings, industrial buildings, airports, urban projects, with 20 facility projects and 14 awards.