Team n° 50

Old factory - New Society

Project description

To creat an Environment Suitable for Young People’s Career Growth, Life and Social Networking. To creat a spiritual center to drive the sustainable development of the district. To creat a hotbed to continuously output power to the society.


Buildings preview

Architectural plans


Students team members

Yifan Liu
Zhaoqing Yu
Shiyu Liu


Zhongqi Ren

Mr. Zhongqi Ren is currently a lecturer at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and was previously a lecturer at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Mr. Ren received his two Master degrees at Berlage Institute in Rotterdam and CUHK in Hong Kong. Mr. Ren used to work as an architect in OMA (Rotterdam), then participated in the field of architectural education. Currently, Mr. Ren is conducting research on rehabilitation of historical buildings and pedagogy of architecture design. Meantime, Mr. Ren practices as partner and principal architect of Interach Office.