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South Korea

Breathing Polska

Project description

After its return to the market economy, Warsaw has grown tremendously but it is still lacking when it comes to being environmentally conscious. Our project will be a pioneering prototype, setting an example of the new green lifestyle Varsovians must abide to achieve sustainable growth. The project will actively promote “green living” by physically impacting the surroundings and also inducing the participation of both students and nearby Kamionek citizens, building a close-knit community.

Korea University
South Korea


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Doyup Lee
Haemyung Chung
Harim Zhang


Chungyeon Won

Prof. ChungYeon Won has completed her undergraduate and master’s degree in Architectural Engineering at Korea University and her second master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. At Grimshaw Architects, she carried out various internationally acclaimed projects such as Fulton Street Transit Center, Via Verde New Housing New York, and Seocheon Ecorium. As an Associate Director of SOM (Skidmore Owings & Merrill) New York office, she successfully led complex urban projects around the world which include Pertamina Energy Tower and Hyundai Motor’s Global Business Center.