Team n° 13

Student accomodation Kamionek

Project description

Our project reflects student needs, sustainable design and respects history of parcel. We used traditional shape of gable wall found on surrounding buildings, mainly old factory. Shape allowed us to design light well which brightens whole hallway, it is also used for fresh air exchange in whole building. Students will find everything they need, place for study, for sport, for hobby and for relax.



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Students team members

Jan Suchý
Lucie Formanová


Martin Stark
Ing. arch. Martin Stark Licensed architect, member of the Czech Chamber of Architects, publicist and teacher who specializes in sustainable and passive architecture. He is a graduate of the Architecture and civil engineering programme at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague during the study of which he had won the national stage of the Multi Comfort Contest twice. Currently, he is a teacher and researcher at the Department of Architecture at CTU, using his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to guide young students on their paths to becoming architects.