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What if an answer towards socialist Warsaw can be culminated into three layers of sustainability: Not just through the past and the present, but also towards the future; not just through the environmental and the socio-cultural sustainability, but also through the historical sustainability. Hence, we proposes a synthesis from the trace of socialist Warsaw (1945 - 1991: the past) and the enhancement of liberal Warsaw (1991 - 2022: the present), which is an entrance to the future (2022 - ~).



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Vincent Alexis Sutjianto, Tjia
Jessica Sanusi
Cindy Lovanka


Dewobroto Adhiwignyo

Currently a lecturer at the Department of Architecture in Pelita Harapan University, Dewobroto is an architect, interior designer, and urban designer. After graduating from Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia with a B.Arch. in architecture in 2014 and from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia with a B.A. in interior design in 2015, he continued his study at Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany (home university) and Cairo University, Egypt and graduated in 2017 with a M.Sc. in urban design. He is also an active member of Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI) – Jakarta.