Team n° 18

A Green Community

Project description

The Green Community developed intends to merge the new construction with the existing factory creating a calm, conformed and collective space. The urban/architectonic intervention seeks to have a minimum impact on the used resources and green spaces. So, the brick from the demolitions is reused for the new buildings coating, and the sun light is used not only for energy production but also for thermal comfort through the greenhouse effect allowed by skylights suitable to the solar orientation.



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Students team members

Inês Matos
Adriana Pinto


Maria Clara Pimenta do Vale

Architect by University of Porto (1991), specialized in building physics and Portuguese 20th-century construction history. She holds a MSc in Building Construction by Faculty of Engineering (1999) and a PhD in Architecture (2012). Currently she is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and researcher at the Center for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism. Supervisor of 3 on-going Ph.D. thesis and more than 50 Master's dissertations in Architecture. She is the co-author of four books and the author or co-author of more than fifty other publications.