Team n° 17


Project description

Our duty as architects is to bring light to the remaining pieces of history. Preserving the glory of the former J.R Factory, KALEIDOSCOPE invites us to see the old in a new light and look at the new through an old lens, the factory’s eye. The play of light and colors creates harmony between the new and everpresent within the physical barrier of reach. Following the silhouette of traditional architecture the project replicates it modernly honoring the long-established style, a tribute to peace.



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Students team members

Angela Hanna


Louis El Hachem

Since 2011 Usek
School of Architecture
Assistant professor
Coordinator Arch design 6
Head of Architecture Projects
2016–present: Consultant for Lebanese Maronite Order
Design review of projects related to the Order
Project management for the Order
2004–Present: Partner at SHAL Engineering
Architectural Design Office
Design of many projects in Lebanon MENA area
Project management and site follow up
1993–2004 ERGA Group
Architectural Design Office
Senior Architect
Team leader for the Design in Lebanon and in MENA area
Member of the Engineers and Architects Order Beirut