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The initial inspiration during the elaboration of the project concept was the presence of the railway in the immediate area.The shape of the rails is reminiscent of student energy, constant movement, encounters, interaction, simply never boring interpersonal overlap. On the other hand, we have an overlap of old and new, built and what tends to be built, all of which has led to a structure based on interactive overlaps that integrates into the location itself.



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Sandra Marković


Dušan Ignjatović

Dušan Ignjatović (1969) has graduated at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture and holds Doctoral thesis at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture. Currently he is associate professor and Vice Dean for Finance and Business Cooperation at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and visiting professor at the regional universities. He is active member in numerous national and international scientific projects and working groups mainly focusing on development of the regulations in the field of EE, and building refurbishment in Serbia.