Team n° 9

Urban Symbiosis

Project description

With a formal solution closely linked to the analysis of the climatic conditions to which it will be exposed, this projects greatest will is to provide a solution that goes through the reinvention and application of the bioclimatic strategies that will allow us to make the most of the favourable conditions that we can find in our environment.



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Alejandra Delgado Martín
Marta Andrés Ferrero


Alonso Eusebio

Ph. Doctor in Architecture, Professor in Architectural Projects since 1992. MEC Fellow 1988-1992. Academy of Rome Award 1990-91. Extraordinary Doctorate Award UVA 2002-03. Finalist IV Arquithesis Prize 2003. PRIZED at the XV Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (BEAU) 2021. Coordinator of "Architecture and Cinema" GIRAC. Visiting Scholar, CAVA, LSA, Liverpool 2017. Research Projects: Audiovisual landscapes in the architecture, 2018-20, JCYL; Cinematographic ecosystem of the city and transfer with new technologies, 2020-2022, JCYL. Different Awards Isover Saint Gobaint since 2014.