Team n° 14

Living in the wave

Project description

The main idea was to design a public space and building in harmony with the surrounding buildings, but at the same time creating a place with a strong identity. The archways in the parterre refer to the typical Lisbon element of arcades, the shape in turn symbolises the growth and hilly nature of the city. Sustainability and innovative solutions, the use of construction debris from demolished buildings and the choice of materials with a low carbon footprint played an important role.



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Lucie Formanová


Mr Stark Martin
Licensed architect, member of the CCA, publicist, and teacher who specializes in sustainable architecture. He is also a Czech Passive House Centre lecturer and an elected city council member. He is a graduate of the Architecture and civil engineering program at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague during the study of which he had won the national stage of this contest twice. Currently, he is a teacher and researcher at the Department of Architecture at CTU, using his experience and enthusiasm to guide young students on their paths to becoming architects.