Team n° 5


Project description

STREAMING GREEN is a design proposal that connects people through its architecture. The name has a double meaning: it refers to the stream like bridges that glide through the towering blocks of the residential building, as well as brings forth the act of video streaming at the new Lisbon Video Library. The proposal is a creative concept that emphasizes sustainability by using innovative technologies, environmentally conscious construction and advocating comfortable living.



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Students team members

Heini Kyttälä
Krista Rautaoja


Mr Petri Aarnio

Petri Aarnio M.Sc. (Arch.) 1994, University of Oulu, Finland. Worked in architecture offices 1983-2002. Since 2002 full time university teacher in the University of Oulu in the Laboratory of Building Design, Architectural construction focusing on wooden buildings, housing, energy efficiency and sustainability. A member of executive team of Oulu School of Architecture, several positions in the national lobbying organizations like in the Finnish Association of Architects SAFA and the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland. Involved in Saint Gobain Student Contest as a teacher since 2012.