Team n° 6

Lisbon on cloud 9

Project description

"Lisbon on cloud 9" is the proposal that respects both the history of Lisbon and the architecture of the old building. The key element that gives character to our building is the kinetic facade that is created with pannels of perforated metal sheets, whose role is to filter the sun's rays that make their way inside. The tower is the highest point on the site, becoming a landmark of the area. Each floor of the tower has at least one balcony, so you can see Lisbon from different heights.

Facultatea De Arhitectură G. M. Cantacuzino


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Students team members

Alina-Madalina Lacatusu
Ana-Maria Nitica


Mr Radu Andrei
Radu Andrei graduated in 2004 the “G.M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University in Iasi, where he is lecturer teaching architectural rehabilitation, heritage preservation and restoration. His publications and research interests are in the fields of industrial heritage conversion, historical urban studies, ecological low-tech architecture as well as architectural theory. He has over 19 years of experience in teaching design studio and became in 2020 a member of ACTUM association, which runs restoration interventions of the Ambulance for Monuments in North Romania.