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The Contemporary Pombalina House

Project description

The idea is to design a project which can be used as an example for other projects in Lisbon taking into account the citie's history and cultural heritage and embracing the contemporary time in which we live. Simultaneously, the project cares about revitalizing the plot area and maximizing health and wellbeing, while minimizing impact on the environment. The Contemporary Pombaline House Project is a combination between light construction, urbanism, sustainable development and history of Lisbon.

Faculdade De Arquitectura Da Universidade Do Porto


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Students team members

Mariana Sousa
Rafael Gonçalves


Ms Maria Clara De Caravlho Pimenta Do Vale
Architect by University of Porto (1991), specialized in building physics and Portuguese 20th-century construction history. She holds a MSc in Building Construction by Faculty of Engineering (1999) and a PhD in Architecture (2012). Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, member of the FAUP Executive Board, a Deputy Director of CEFA - Centre of Studies of the Faculty of Architecture, Integrated Researcher of CEAU - Centre of Studies of Architecture and Urbanism and member of DFL- Digital Fabrication Lab and PACT- Architectural Heritage of the City and the Territory.