Team n° 3

Lisbon Air

Project description

The residential building has an access for walking, which allows to generate a cross ventilation in all the houses. For the proper climatic functioning of the building, different strategies are applied such as trombe walls, photovoltaic, a mobile permeable outer skin, water collection and reuse, tall vegetation ... In addition, in the choice of materials for the structure, its environmental impact has been taken into account, for that reason only the parking floors and the ground floor are made



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Architectural plans


Students team members

Jérôme Rens
Sergi Ruperez Ariza
Jose Miguel Lopez Hurtado


Mr Carlos Barberà Escoí

Carlos Barberà, a native of Castellón, graduated in Mathematics and PhD from the Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona). Its first actions in sustainability begin in 2008 with the projection and execution of a 170kW photovoltaic installation. In 2010 he started a project that culminated in 2012 with the participation in the Solar Decathlon contest. Other diverse sustainable actions such as planning cycle lanes in the city of Reus and energy audits for educational centers.