Team n° 20

C.U.B.E. – Co-living in unity, balance and equality

Project description

The goal is for the future residents of the neighborhood to be able to build a cohesive community united by common interests. The factory itself retains its silhouette as it is emphasized by the brick. It becomes a public center where young people will be able to discuss problems and find solutions to contribute to the development of the city of Warsaw. The project aims to enable people to have security, freedom and comfort which leads to the development of their potential.

New Bulgarian University


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Slavka Ilieva


Gergana Stefanova

GERGANA STEFANOVA Ph. D. 2014, NBU Sofia Architecture 1977 - 1983 UASG, Sofia Ass. Prof. 2006 – Present NBU, Sofia 2020 - Silver medal for architecture achievements, Union of Bulgarian Architects; 2018 - Scholarship from the French Cultural Institute in Paris, France; 2011 - Design Biennale Sofia: First prize for "Training center for air traffic controllers"; 150 publications in Bulgarian magazines for Architecture. More than 25 projects and realizations for buildings in Bulgaria, more than 32 projects of interior design in Bulgaria and