Team n° 21
South Africa

Montage; a tapestry of interventions & art stitched together

Project description

The buildings aesthetic took inspiration from the existing historical structure. Vertical and horizontal spaces encourage interaction between residents, students and pedestrians. Kinetic interventions like the hydroponic shed, bike-park and waste pick-up points are integrated with the heritage building by linked pathways. The building and site is decorated by art murals and sensitive green landscaping is seen throughout. Energy efficient strategies helped to achieve an ecological neighborhood.

University of Kwazulu Natal
South Africa


Buildings preview

Architectural plans


Students team members

Rikara Ramkaran
Aamena Vawda


Magdalena Cloete

Magdalena Cloete is an Academic and Professional Architect teaching in the Postgraduate Architecture programmes at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. She holds a two Bachelor’s degrees in Architecture and Masters in 2016. She is currently pursuing a PhD investigating learning environments for preschool children in South Africa. Her academic focus is on Architectural and Urbanism Design, Theory and History of Architecture. The pedagogical approach is towards a research-driven design process dealing with contextual issues and real users. Sustainability is emphasised in all her work.