Team n° 7

Hosting life : living in the park in Warsaw

Project description

Tomorrow’s city needs to embrace the profound transformations of lifestyle that are needed for the current society to sustain. Our project entitled “Hosting life : living in the park” in Warsaw consists of a student residence associated with a public program, opened to the neighbourhood. The whole project is integrated within a large treefilled park, where activities such as urban agriculture will create a new relationship between students and their surrounding biodiversity.



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Architectural plans


Students team members

Faustine Fournol
Léa Tran
Lucie Sieurac


Pierre Cara

Architect ENSAIS – DPLG, Architect diploma in 2003 in E.N.S.A.I.S,Strasbourg, and in 2004 in the master Mechanics and Engineering : "Designing and Building with Wood", delivered by ENS d'Architecture de Bordeaux and the University Bordeaux 1. Since july 2009, associate architect co-manager of HOBO architecture in Bordeaux. Teaching : Since 2016, associate Assistant Lecturer then Lecturer in ENSAP in Bordeaux. Co-Referent BIM - Participation in the 3rd BIM Conference - Paris Val de Seine And lecturer in the BIM Management Specialized Master