Team n° 6

Student Housing Warsaw

Project description

Housing for students is designed in one compact block, which closes the inner block. The main entrance with the reception is located opposite the bus station. We had an effort to create a lively and communicating ground floor. On the second to fifth floors, there are student rooms with a central corridor. The solution of the inner block consists mainly of greenery, while leaving part of the original mature trees. We kept the restored factory with its original appearance



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Architectural plans


Students team members

Juraj Potočár
Dávid Ontek


Eva Vojteková

Eva Vojteková started her professional career in the project organization of Bratislava, later she worked as an authorized architect. She has been working at the Faculty of Architecture at STU since 2000. She is the author of 40 architectural studies, has realized 10 architectural works. She is currently working on transparent architecture as such and transparency in architecture as a concept in terms of philosophy, material and the concept of architecture. In the studios, she focuses on high-rise buildings and architectural objects that complement the missing urban structures.