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Around the Garden

Project description

Around the Garden is a project that revolves around a large garden, which tries to connect the different buildings through two types of paths. A rational path that attempts to directly communicate the houses with the factory and the entrances to the plot. On the other hand, we find a more organic path that goes to the vegetation in search of new sensations for the inhabitants. In addition, the project is greatly influenced by solar radiation and noise.

Universidad de Sevilla


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Pablo Nicolás Campanario Luque


Francisco Javier Lopez Riverra

FCO. JAVIER LOPEZ RIVERA. Architect (Seville, 1991). Master in Integrated Architecture Projects. Antonio Camuñas Foundation (Madrid, 1991). Doctor of Architecture (Seville, 2012). Deputy Director of Culture and Sustainable Habitat ETSA Sevilla since 2017. Professor of Graphic Expression, Projects, Final Degree Project and Final Degree Project since 2004. Visiting professor and lecturer in Nancy, Piacenza, Milan, Bolzano, Dubai or Shanghai. Together with Ramón Pico, he formed the ACTA studio in 1993, with which he has obtained numerous awards for his built work.