Team n° 7

CORE- Circular wood cork complex

Project description

Our project is called circular wood cork complex because it aims to create a residential complex that dialogues with the context of the city of Lisbon based on the theme of circularity, not in a trivial way since the prerogative of the entire design strategy from the outset is based on the complete flexibility and circularity of the building both as regards the functional and typological aspect of the residence but also as regards the material aspect.



Buildings preview

Architectural plans


Students team members

Martina Orio
Beatrice Nacci
Claudia Noseda


Mr Andrea Campioli

Andrea Campioli (1962), architect, PhD in Architectural Technology, since 2005 he has been full professor in Architectural Technology at the Politecnico di Milano where he carries out research activities in the Department of Architecture, Construction Engineering and Built Environment (ABC ) and teaching activity in the degree course in “Architecture planning” and in the master’s degree course in “Architecture” of the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering (AUIC).